Chemsex growing in Thailand and various Asian countries

Chemsex growing in Thailand and various Asian countries

Sexualised medicine need, or chemsex, are steeply going up among Thai men who possess sex with boys (MSM) and trans girls managing HIV – with those stating injecting methamphetamine need increasing by 16 percentage-points from 2009 to 2019, Dr Camilla Muccini from the Institute of HIV data and development in Bangkok advised the 11th world SUPPORTS Our society convention on HIV practice (IAS 2021) last week. Chemsex had been strongly connected with acquiring more sexually transmitted infection (STIs), most notably hepatitis C.

Speaking at a primary workout on the subject, Dr Stephane Wen-Wei Ku, Director associated with the Infectious problems device at Taipei area healthcare facility in Taiwan, distressed the necessity for incorporated sexual health and content utilize services. In addition, he communicated the significance of following a harm reduction technique pertaining to both content make use of and HIV along with other STI prevention.

Chemsex in Thailand

Having methamphetamine has risen among small MSM in Bangkok that is of unique HIV infection, sexual intercourse escort service Gresham work, collection intercourse while the widespread use of hook-up programs.

The continued RV254/SEARCH010 research recruits MSM and trans women that include newly identified as having HIV (severe illness) since 2009. Previous finding mentioned a plague of hepatitis C through this cohort, with factors instance methamphetamine utilize, cluster sexual intercourse and a brief history of syphilis being notably connected with brand-new hepatitis C malware.


The benefits of using fun pills for instance mephedrone, GHB/GBL and crystal clear meth before or during intercourse.

Injuries lowering was a collection of practical campaigns and information aimed at lowering negative effect related to pill use (most notably much safer make use of, maintained usage and abstinence). It is also a movement for friendly fairness built on a belief in, and value for, the right of people who use treatments. Continue reading “Chemsex growing in Thailand and various Asian countries”