Government and Defence

Traxcon partners with various global technology manufacturers for building of complete power generation, transmission, distribution, to billing system from the scratch.

Traxcon partners with global consulting agencies and construction companies to provide end-to-end services for design & consultancy, survey & audit to full construction of large infrastructure projects, including: multi-tier Data Center, bridges, airports, roads, river embankment, restoration of existing architecture, etc.

Defence & Law Enforcement
Traxcon is a reliable partner to various law enforcement and defence related organizations to provide state-of-the-art modern technology, training & capacity building of human resources. Traxcon is also actively involved in promoting application of various standards of short & long range UAV system, building of central control center, training & certification of UAV pilots. Other areas of work involve: improvement of communication technology equipment, border control, biometric security systems, healthcare products, body armor, vehicle retrofitting, sensors, hazardous material handling, various equipment supply, etc.

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